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Accused of domestic violence? You have the right to an attorney

There are a many different ways to defend yourself if you are accused of domestic violence against a roommate, family member, or spouse. It may come as a surprise when you're accused, and that can make you want to speak out and defend yourself without thinking about the potential implications of what you say. Take some time before you respond and learn your legal rights by speaking with an attorney.

There are many defenses to consider. Perhaps you were not at the residence when your spouse claims you attacked him or her; an alibi would help you show that you were not the attacker or they are trying Ingram to set you up.

Sometimes people make up false allegations as a way to get back at someone. This is particularly common during divorces or in child custody cases. Many times self-defense applies in a domestic battery situation. People are regularly taken to jail simply for pushing a spouse or grabbing their arm. Many people are arrested for defending themselves in a reasonable manner. Perhaps the spouse that was the initial aggressor told the officer you grab, pushed, or hit them thinking that the police would just asking you to leave or only told half the story out of fear that they may be arrested if they told the truth. Sometimes the record needs to be cleared up in the case may be able to be resolved quickly.

Visit our website for more information about domestic violence claims and what to do if you've been charged. You have a right to defend yourself, and your side of the story should be heard without bias. This Law blog discusses legal issues relevant to Shalimar, Florida. At Cotton & Gates, Attorneys at Law, we look forward to hearing from you.

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