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Florida's divorce rate leads to high stress rate for residents

Anyone who's been through a divorce or has watched their parents go through one knows how stressful it can be, even when the spouses part relatively amicably. Therefore, it's not surprising that Florida's divorce rate has landed our state at number 13 on the list of most-stressed states according to a study by the financial website WalletHub.

Florida ranks number three among all states and Washington, D.C. in its rate of divorce. Of the 33 factors that the study considered, that was the one where Florida fared the worst.

However, we didn't fare well in things like housing affordability, psychologists per capita and the crime rate. We did better in financial factors such as the number of people living in poverty, the median credit score and job security. Health factors, including how much sleep people get, were also considered.

Despite the South's reputation for a calm, laid-back lifestyle, the five states determined to have the most-stressed populations were all in the South. They include Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Our neighbors in Georgia came in at number eight. Northern states did much better, with Minnesota taking top honors for having the least-stressed population.

Divorce can obviously impact not just people's personal lives and well-being, but their financial lives as well. Many people have to downsize and live on less money after a divorce. At least one person in the couple, if not both, have to move, which carries its own stress. So does not seeing your children as often or being a single parent most of the time.

An experienced Florida family law attorney can't eliminate all of the stresses that accompany a divorce. However, he or she can provide guidance and support to help you through the process and work for the goals you're seeking in the divorce and custody agreements.

Source: The Florida Times-Union, "Study: High divorce rate has Florida among the most-stressed states in the country," April 03, 2017

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