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Florida lawmakers seek records from Emeril Lagasse show

A television show once helmed by famed chef Emeril Lagasse is at the center of a legal battle between Florida state lawmakers and the show's production company. It involves the Florida House's demand for records from The Cooking Channel show "Emeril's Florida."

Protecting your child from dog bites on Halloween

Halloween is a big night for children -- and for dogs. The nonstop visitors to their home can send even calm dogs into a frenzy of excitement. Dogs, who are generally naturally protective of their homes and their people, can act out in ways that may be unusual for them. That can result in dog bites.

Can you place your home in your trust if it's not paid off yet?

When many people do their estate planning, they choose to place their assets in a trust. Often, people create revocable living trusts that allow them to retain control over these assets while they're alive, but make things easier for their heirs after they are gone.

Can you sue if a loved one is harmed in a nursing home?

Last September, the Obama administration issued new rules that would cut off Medicaid and Medicare funding to nursing homes if they required residents to sign an agreement that let any disputes, including those involving negligence or abuse, to go to arbitration. By signing these agreements, people give up their rights to have their legal disputes settled in court, no matter how egregious the accused behavior -- even if it leads to death.

U.S. Supreme Court will hear gay wedding cake case

Although same-sex marriage is legal in the U.S., some business owners want no part of it. They claim that they shouldn't have to be involved in photographing, catering or even baking a cake for a same-sex wedding if they believe that homosexuality is a sin.

Young filmmaker found dead after diving in Florida

The loss of a child is never easy, especially when you know that something went wrong. A mother of a Canadian filmmaker has filed a lawsuit regarding the death of her son. According to the woman, her 37-year-old son was in peak physical condition when he went to swim with sharks in the Florida Keys. He died on that trip and was discovered three days later.

Tampa Bay Buccaneer owner's wife to be cremated pending appeal

When a person dies but is at the center of an investigation, that person's body is generally kept whole for the purpose of an autopsy. In this case, a judge has issued an order for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' owner's wife's body to be cremated without an autopsy, but the judge has allowed the woman's children to file an appeal.


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