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How can I get my criminal record expunged or sealed in Florida?

If you have a criminal past, then you may find it difficult to find employment, to qualify for certain certifications or to secure housing in many areas. One of the reasons you may pursue an expungement of your records is to have the details of your prior offense sealed from public view.

Can you get your criminal record expunged?

There are thousands of people in the state of Florida who have criminal records despite the fact that they have never been tried or convicted of any crime. This may happen when people are charged mistakenly and later find the charges are dropped, or when they are arrested but subsequently not charged for whatever reason.

Sealing or expunging a criminal record: The facts

If you want to have your criminal record sealed or expunged, you need to meet the criteria set forth by law. You need to apply first for a certificate of eligibility. If you are issued this certificate, you may be able to get your record sealed or expunged, but receiving the certificate doesn't guarantee it. In many cases, individuals wishing to have their records sealed work with their attorneys to help make sure they provide the court with everything possible to make that seal possible.

What is the difference between sealing and expunging a record?

A strong criminal defense attorney can help you through the entire cycle of a criminal proceeding, even after the criminal investigation or trial has concluded. For example, if an individual was arrested but never indicted, he or she may not want to have a criminal record.


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