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What you should know before signing a nondisclosure agreement

Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) have been all over the news in the past year. The NDAs receiving this media attention (those involving disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and President Trump) were designed to prevent people from disclosing alleged bad behavior in return for receiving a large sum of money.

Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney also signed an NDA as part of her sexual abuse settlement with Larry Nassar, the team doctor for USA Gymnastics later convicted of the abuse of multiple gymnasts.

Buying a new home after divorce? Here's what you should know

Many divorcing couples decide to sell the family home and split the proceeds. If you are in the market for a smaller place like a condo or townhouse after your divorce, you'll likely need a mortgage to be able to afford it.

Obtaining a mortgage based on your own credit record and income can be a challenge for many newly-divorced people. It's important for those who are about to be single again to consider what mortgage lenders and other creditors will be looking at as they negotiate their divorce settlement.

Considerations when planning your kids' inheritances

If you're thinking about putting an estate plan in place and you have adult or nearly-adult children, there are certain considerations you should keep in mind.

First, it is a good idea to leave each of your kids assets of relatively equal value. That can prevent conflict and bruised feelings. If there's a reason why you're leaving more to one child (like perhaps that child has been caring for you for many years), explain that to everyone. If you've decided to leave the bulk of your estate to your favorite charity or your alma mater, let your kids know your reasoning.

Tips for healthy co-parenting

With spring break approaching and summer vacation not far behind, many divorced Florida parents will be spending more time with their kids in the upcoming months. This means likely having to interact more with their ex as well.

Even if your post-divorce co-parenting got off to a rocky start, it's never too late to work on your co-parenting skills for the sake of your kids. If your relationship with your ex isn't healthy, you may believe that you'll never be able to engage in healthy co-parenting. However, that's not true. You can do what is in your power. If you're fortunate, your co-parent will eventually respond in kind. Following are some healthy co-parenting behaviors.

Getting a good job after a conviction

Criminal convictions can follow people for years, if not the rest of their lives. Parties who do not have a proper criminal defense in place may face harsh penalties and even more hardship after they have paid the price for their infractions.

Thankfully, procedures are in place that can help to cultivate a better life after a conviction. Particularly when it comes to getting a job, there are a few avenues worth considering.

Your behavior in family court can impact your case

You likely don't plan to spend any time in court before a judge during your divorce. However, sometimes couples simply can't reach an agreement on one or more issues and need to ask a judge for a decision.

No matter how strong your arguments are, how you behave in court can make the difference between a decision going your way or not. Judges have to follow the law, but they are human. They can be persuaded favorably or unfavorably by the demeanor and actions of the people who appear in their courtroom. If you have to appear before a judge more than once, that first appearance can impact how a judge feels about you for the remainder of the proceedings.

Florida medical marijuana lawsuit set to start

The debate continues as to whether medical marijuana can be smoked in Florida. On Friday, Jan. 26, a judge in Tallahassee refused to dismiss the case, even after there was a request from the state to do so.

Many Florida residents who are currently eligible to receive medical marijuana treatment were at the front line of the lawsuit filing with the aim to get their rights back to what they believe is a crucial medication that is currently banned in the state of Florida.

The importance of a solid team, support system in a divorce

When you're going through a divorce, you're likely overwhelmed with advice from well-meaning friends and family, not to mention seemingly endless websites and blogs. However, each situation is unique. That's why it's important to get a team of people around you who can provide experienced guidance and support.

Your first step is finding a family law attorney with whom you feel comfortable, who understands what you're seeking and will work for a settlement that is your and your children's (if you have them) best interests. Don't just look for the attorney with the most online ads. Talk to people you know who've gone through a divorce and were happy with their attorney.

How can I get my criminal record expunged or sealed in Florida?

If you have a criminal past, then you may find it difficult to find employment, to qualify for certain certifications or to secure housing in many areas. One of the reasons you may pursue an expungement of your records is to have the details of your prior offense sealed from public view.

In the event a judge allows an expungement of your criminal record, it will generally appear as expunged, and the record will list the relevant state statute number under which the expungement was ordered. When an expungement occurs, any further inquiry into the details of your prior offense will only be accessible through a court-ordered search warrant.

How can a criminal record impact your ability to travel?

Sometimes a criminal record can haunt you after you've served jail time, paid fines and even gotten off probation. For example, if you plan to travel abroad, depending on what offense you were convicted of and what countries you want to enter, there could be a problem.

In most cases, Americans are able to obtain a U.S. passport if they have a criminal record. The exceptions involve people with drug-related convictions. For example, the U.S. Department of State is prohibited under federal law from issuing passports to those who have a felony conviction for carrying drugs to another country.


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