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Letting people know about your divorce requires some preparation

You and your spouse have decided to divorce. One of you has moved out of the house. Maybe you've started the legal process. Amidst all of this, you're going to need to tell people about it -- family, friends, co-workers, people at your kids' schools and others in your social and professional circles.

What you say and how much detail you provide will vary depending on whom you're talking to. That's one reason why sharing the news via Facebook or other social media platform isn't generally a good idea. Further, even if your post is only seen by Facebook "friends," you're still inviting responses, and they may not all be as supportive as you hoped.

Florida charter school sued over teacher's alleged sexual abuse

A Florida family is suing a charter school in Cooper City, where they say their daughter was sexually abused by her teacher. According to the lawsuit, the girl's mother informed the school's principal last school that her daughter, who was in third grade, was being touched inappropriately by her teacher. She said that the teacher was also molesting other students.

Not only was no action taken against the 35-year-old teacher, according to the suit, but the school knew of previous similar accusations against him. Five years ago, when the man was working as a substitute teacher at an elementary school in Hollywood, Florida, police looked into accusations that he had groped four students. Hollywood police say that only one of those students pressed charges, and prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to bring a case against him.

Teens and college students may indulge in binge drinking

According to data gathered by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, one in seven teenagers is a binge drinker. This presents problems on many fronts, one of which is that many teens involved in binge drinking also feel capable of driving cars.

How it happens

When can you sue for unfair competition?

There are numerous state and federal laws in place that are designed to keep businesses from engaging in wrongful or deceptive practices that cause economic harm to consumers and other businesses. These practices are generally referred to as "unfair competition."

Business owners often take competitors to court to stop unfair and illegal practices and seek economic relief. Following are some examples of unfair competition:

The challenges of co-parenting an infant

It happens more often than you may think: Couples divorce while their child is still an infant. In one sense, this may be easier than breaking up when your kids are old enough to understand what's going on. However, setting up custody and visitation schedules can be challenging to ensure that babies' needs are met but they still get to bond with both parents.

Likely, the mother will have primary custody of the baby, particularly if she is breastfeeding. Fathers may need to be content with short visits if that's the case. If a mother is able and willing to pump breast milk and/or supplement her milk with formula, fathers may be able to keep the baby for longer periods. Depending on the co-parents' relationship, the father may spend most of his visitation time at the mom's house so that she's available when the baby needs to be fed.

What are your rights as a tenant if the air conditioning breaks?

If you live in an apartment, you're dependent on your landlord to keep the air conditioning in working order. Air conditioning isn't simply a perk here in Florida. It's a necessity — particularly in the summer. Every year, people across the country die due to conditions caused by extreme heat.

This time of year, broken air conditioners are among the most common maintenance issues facing property owners. So what can tenants do when their landlords are slow to respond to their calls? What if the problem is a complex one that requires a whole new system or parts that are back-ordered? Even one day and night without air conditioning can be unbearable and potentially dangerous in this part of the country. Can you take legal action?

Florida fraternity, students sued for shared photos, videos

A fraternity and five of its members at the University of Central Florida (UCF) are being sued by a young woman who says that one of those students, her former boyfriend, shared intimate videos and photos of her in a Facebook group known as the Dog Pound without her knowledge or permission. That secret Facebook group allegedly contained images of multiple women engaged in sexual activity.

The woman, who attends college in Arizona, knew about and sent her long-distance boyfriend some of the images during their relationship in late 2017 and early 2018. However, at least one video was made without her knowledge, according to the suit. She says she learned that the images had been shared when she saw a text message to her boyfriend from someone who referenced a video. One video, in which the woman's face can be seen, was allegedly shown during a fraternity house meeting and has been seen by some 200 people.

Study: Florida fathers on average get 50-50 custody

Long gone are the days when mothers were nearly always awarded primary custody of their kids in a divorce. Today, barring significant issues like domestic violence or substance abuse, a divorcing father has a good chance of getting some kind of shared custody of his children if he seeks it. When custody decisions go before judges, their primary concern is what's in the children's best interests. One Florida judge notes that these "may take many forms."

State laws and judges' attitudes vary, however. The custody scheduling software company Custody X Change did a study of how each state ranks in granting fathers equal parenting time with their kids. The company looked at cases where both parents were seeking custody of their children, and there were no circumstances that would have warranted a father being denied custody.

Florida attorney calls $4 jury award to family 'punitive'

A recent Florida federal civil rights suit received nationwide media attention largely for the amount of money awarded to the plaintiffs by the jury -- $4.

The defendant in the case was the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office. The plaintiffs were the family of a man killed four years ago by a deputy. Two deputies came to his home to investigate a noise complaint involving loud music.

Did you know that drinking alcohol is riskier on the water?

Summer is upon us, classes are over, and you and your friends are heading out in a speedboat for some fun on the water.

One of your buddies wants to bring along a couple of six packs of beer, but drinking alcohol is more dangerous on the water than it is on land. How should you handle the request?


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